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Why Not Travel Africa commits to creating one of the best safari and reserve experiences around.  Travelers have a variety of tours to choose from across South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, and areas of West Africa. Experience the wildlife of Africa’s largest parks where catching a glimpse of the Big 5 is the rarest of sights. Lions, giraffes, elephants, zebra, and the hippo roam these natural landscapes with a majesty and grace that is incomparable. Our knowledgeable local guides and safari experts assist guests throughout the tour to not only provide an enjoyable excursion, but also insightful commentary on the landscape, wildlife, and scenery

Why Not experience the scenic beauty of Africa from an aerial view in a hot air balloon! Feel the amazement on this one of a kind encounter as you travel over a herd of wildlife in S.A, the Serengeti plains of Tanzania, or the vast Saharan desert in Morocco. Begin your superior flight experience by capturing a spectacular sunrise in the sky. This tour grants you a truly unique perspective as your eyes are treated to panoramic views that guarantee to leave travelers with memories that will last a lifetime.


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