Zanzibar is a rich ethnic mixture of Persian, Arab and African vibes! Come relax on one of its pristine white sand beaches. Experience an amazing boat tour with lush coral reefs and sea life including dolphins, sea turtles, coconut crabs & whale sharks. While visiting explore the historical city of Sand Town, take a City Tour in Dar Es Salam or spend a memorable day at Massai Village with natives. After a stay here, one may easily consider Zanzibar a little slice of paradise!


If you are a traveler looking to experience East Africa in all its authenticity, then Kenya is the place for you! This beautiful country has scenic coastlines bordering the Indian Ocean and an ever-changing landscape. Kenya is known for its personable natives, tasty food and Swahili. Have an unforgettable wildlife encounter with Giraffe’s at the manor realize how Kenya, Nairobi is a traveler’s dream come true!