About Us

Why Not Travel Africa is a destination travel company dedicated to providing cultural travel EXPERIENCES in select countries throughout Africa. With offerings to areas such as South Africa, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Ghana, and Morocco, we give you a chance to experience Africa the way it should be. Our customized personal and group travel packages include accommodations, transportation, tours, special events & concierge services.

Why Not Travel Africa believes in incorporating leisure, entertainment & history into each travel EXPERIENCE. Our travelers are rewarded with a complete adventure loaded with a lifetime of memories. In addition, we offer community outreach opportunities that give back to local communities.

If you want a worry free escape to an exciting and exotic land, then let Why Not Travel Africa show you the way.

Why Not travel Africa offers…


  • Customized Tour and Packages

  • Flexible Payment Plans

  • Trusted and Guided Tours

  • Passport & Visa guidance prior to trip

  • Travel etiquette & Cultural education

  • Ground Transportation

  • Opportunities to participate in Community Outreach

  • Luxury Concierge Services

        & Much More!!!

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We cater to individuals and groups such as:


  • Social Media Groups

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Girl Trips

  • Brotherhood Trips

  • Singles

  • HBCUs/students

  • Sororities/Fraternities

  • Church Groups

  • Causes