The concept of the African Diaspora generally refers to people of color who can trace their origins back to the continent of Africa but are currently living in countries outside of Africa. Historically, this designation has been applied to those who descend from Eastern and Western Africans that were enslaved during the Atlantic Slave Trade between the 16th and 18th centuries.

The diaspora in popular culture is used to refer to the entire population of Black people outside of Africa. It is estimated that there are over 210 million people worldwide that make up the African Diaspora. The largest groups are in Brazil, the United States of America, and Haiti.  


Why Not Travel Africa is committed to creating experiences that connect the African Diaspora. Through travel and exposure to the various cultures that make up the diaspora, Africans around the world can learn the many similarities that draw from their shared African heritage.

From cuisine to music, dance and art there are many examples of cross cultural influence that wait to be discovered. Join us as we explore the world looking for opportunities to experience the amazing ways of life that make up the African Diaspora.